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Experienced Dog Walkers

When it comes to dog walking there is no one as experienced as us here at Walkies Blackpool. We love dogs and we love what we do, it is because of this that we aim to provide a high level of service, making sure both our clients and their dogs are completely happy.

Dogs on field

How We Work

  • Request a dog walk from online portal.
  • We collect your dog from your home.
  • We will then bring your dog to our enclosed secure dog field here at Walkies Blackpool.
  • Your dog will now have 1 hour to run around and socialise with the other dogs on the group walk.
  • After the walk is complete we will return your dog home were they can have a long snooze and a little treat.

Saving You Time

Your time is the most valuble asset you have and we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Most of this time we spent working and preforming small tasks throughout the day. Here at Walkies Blackpool we want to help you free up some time from your day. Our dog walking services will free some time out of your day, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks or just more time relax.


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Avoid The British Weather

We have all been in the situation where your beloved pet is looking at you with those eyes that say “I want to go for a run” but the typical british weather is doing its thing rain, cold winds and dark clouds. So, you say to your pet “sorry not today” where you receive a sad and disappointed look. Well here at Walkies Blackpool we walk dogs all year round in all weathers types so you don’t have too.

Training & Behaviour

We have trained and experinced staff who will build a bond with your dog. We do this so we can learn about your dogs behaviour then adapt how we handle to them. When we understand your dog we can make it a fun and easy experience for them when settling in, so they can make plenty of new doggie friends and have a good time dog walking.

When your dog comes out with us they will receive basic day to day training. This includes on/off lead training and exposure to people and other dogs on the group walk. This will help ensure that your dog is happy and comfortable in social environments.

Times & Prices

Duration Number Of Dogs Price
1 Hour 1 £13.00
1 Hour 2+ £19.00

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