Dog training

We have a variety of classes for your dog to enjoy at Dog Training With Walkies. We use positive reinforcement methods and focus training techniques to ensure that YOU are the centre of your dog’s world.

Dog Training With Walkies

All classes are designed to be fun for your dog and aim to build the bond between owner and dog. We understand that each dog is unique and will learn at different speeds. It is about providing owners with the tools to gain a more responsive dog and enjoy spending time together. During the classes you can build your confidence with your dog in a secure setting.

Wendy is our qualified dog trainer here at Dog Training With Walkies, she runs 1-1 dog training sessions and group sessions during the week and weekends. If you have any questions about your dogs behaviour give us a call and ask for Wendy she will be happy to advise you on the right methods to improve your dogs behaviour.

Puppy Class

Our puppy class concentrates on foundation learning, structured socialisation, controlled play, and mental stimulation games, also to have fun and build a bond with you and your puppy.

  • 6-week course
  • Puppy age: up to 6 months

Adolescent Class

Our Adolescent class concentrates on the basic core obedience required to further your teenage dog into a happy and well-balanced grown-up dog. We focus on Lead walking, recall with lots of distractions, wait and stay, house manners and lots more with fun and games to help build a better bond with you and your dog. This will also help with the covid puppies who have not been able to socialise with people and dogs over the lockdown period.

  • 6-week course
  • Dog age: 6 months up to 1 years old

Obedience Classes

We provide a 6-week course covering skills such as heel work, focus training, basic commands, recall and house manners.


For those wanting to start a journey on obedience training or to brush up on their skills, we will be doing this on lead and off lead in a secure environment in a class setting with lots of distractions, to help build a great bond with you and your dog.

  • 6-week course


For those wanting to advance in their obedience skills on and off lead, in a secure environment and in a real-life environment i.e., park and town settings.

This is for those who already have done the beginner and want to advance or those which can do all and want to push the boundaries of their dog and continue a high obedience journey.

  • 6-week course

Times & Prices

Duration Class Price
1 Hour Puppy class £70.00
1 Hour Adolescent class £80.00
1 Hour Obedience class £90.00

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