walk at ease with walkies

Secure dog field

Here at Walk At Ease With Walkies we have a privately owned secure dog field, where dogs can run around and play.

Secure dog field on Norcross roundabout

Our large secure field located beside Norcross roundabout along Amounderness Way is our 2-acre plot of land that we use during the day for our group dog walks here at Walk At Ease With Walkies.


Fenced All Way Round

A 6-foot wooden fence surrounds the whole perimeter making the field secure. This gives us the ability to closely oversea the dogs without the hassle from public areas.

Safe Environment

This secure dog field is an excellent environment for providing safe dog training for puppies and nervous rescue dogs. It removes the stress and anxiety, allowing your dog to walk at ease.


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Wendy from Walkies Blackpool on a group dog walk surrounded by dogs.

Hire the field

The large secure field and small secure field are available to hire in the afternoon on week days and weekends. Book A Slot For Your Dog.