Q. Do you require for us to be in when you pick up?

A. No- you can provide us with a key in which we label up as your dogs name

Q. How much notice do you require for your services ?

A. I ask clients to let me know by the Sunday evening of each week to schedule walks and any sudden changes therefore can be done up to 9 am on the day, the boarding I ask to let me know as soon as possible as we do get booked up quickly especially the holiday times for example  Christmas, Easter, school holidays, and weekends.

Q Do you have a cancellation policy ?

A. We ask you to be courteous and let us know of any changes for example home early, day off, dog becomes ill, etc to avoid any charges

If we do visit the house and unable to carry the service you asked us to do then you will be charged for that visit/walk.

Any boarding will have a 50% upfront payment or £50 (non refundable) to secure a place at our licensed home depending on length of stay

Q.How many dogs do you take out at one time ?

A. We are insured up to 6 dogs at any one time or where restrictions occur we abide by the laws eg some parks beaches allow 4 dogs to one person

Q. How long do you take the dog out for ?

A. We can be out for 1.5/ 2 hours as we collect from work/home and take to a safe environment to exercise for an hour (minimum 45 mins ) then drop back off – we keep up with the less active dog on the walks

Q. Do you offer one to one service ?

A. Unfortunatley we don’t as we think socialization and interaction are important

We do offer pop in visits and some training for the more challenging dogs

Q. Do you cater for other animals ?

A. Yes we cater for all animals we do daily /twice daily visits to cats, birds, rabbits, chickens, in the comfort of their own home whilst you are away, we require at least one visit in a 24 hour period

Q.How do you normally introduce dogs ?

A. I normally come and have a meet and greet service to assess the dog but most dogs are happy and friendly and we don’t generally have many problems witht the way we work . We generally introduce them on long leads, so if a little nervous – especially if never been out with a dog walker  – can gently get into the walk and eevnentually join in the fun and games. If recall is good then get them off the lead as soon as possible to get the most out of the walks.

All dogs must wear a collar and tag whilst out walking it is the law

Q. Do we have to have set days ?

A. No -can have set days or let me know at the beginning of the week what day(s) you require

Q. I need your service tomorrow, will you take care of my pet without meeting up?

A. No we do require an initial visit first to meet and assess your pet and what you require whilst you are away including contact numbers vets routine of your pet to try and not create any stress whilst you are away

Q. Do you require a vaccination certificate?

A. I recommend that your animal is fully vaccinated or tested for immune levels due to the mixing and going onto areas where other dogs go. Due to the licensing laws of Wyre Borough Council  I need to make copies of your vaccination certificate and identichip number for all home boarders

Q. Does my dog have to be neutered ?

A. I strongly recommend as if there was any unwanted behavior eg humping marking occurs then will not be able to take out as will be disruptive and un trainable due to hormones. All bitches whilst in season do not come out as don’t want any unwanted pregnancies and agitation to the other dogs.

Q.Do you take the dogs out even if raining ?

A. Yes we work in all weather conditions , we normally ask to leave a towel out to rubdown before leaving your property.